The Big Sleep / The Comas / Sam Champion @ Southpaw

Three great local bands for 10 bux. The Big Sleep as expected put on another great set. The sound was a little blown out at Southpaw, but their dynamic sound still was there. They only played 1 new song and I am STILL waiting for a full length of new material.

The Comas put on a surprisingly tight show. Despite a subdued audience, they played a bunch of new material and showed a lot of maturation since the last time I saw them. Considering this band was formed as a joke in Chapel Hill, they have come a long way to create a decent album and an enjoyable live act.

But I must say Sam Champion stole the show tonight, From the 1st song they came out with intense energy and never stopped. There Pavement-y songs are much better live and I’m really surprised how much better they have gotten from last year. Considering no one in the band is over 27, Sam Champion has a prosperous road ahead of them.

Pictures from the show.