Gritty Midi Gang / The Diggs @ Union Hall

If Union Hall wasn’t so close to me, I’d probably never go to see a show there. Tonight Gritty Midi Gang started things off. And yes, there was a bunch of midi and electronic noises floating around. Although plagued with computer problems and broken guitar strings, the songs were catchy and fun. The keyboardist was really cute and the “midi” guy wore a complete adidas jump suit. We’ll see how this band develops in the future.

Jeesh, how many times can I see The Diggs in one month? Answer: Not enough. These guys created their wall of sound that consumed the small downstairs area. I was so happy that they played a bunch of new songs. They sounded really good and eager for a new release from them soon. The band is consistently on target and never play a bad show. And they FINALLY did an encore rounding out their notoriously short set to a good number of old and new songs. They have gotten better and better and highly recommend checking out their live act and album.

Pictures from the show.