Cibelle @ Mercury Lounge

Brazillians emit a sense of sexiness in everything they do, from their music, their dancing, and their language. Cibelle’s music and stage presence amplifies the emotional and sensual attributes that seems to surround her. She fuses a variety of elements to expand the bossa nova foundation of her songs. She combines traditional live instruments with electronic noises, children’s toys and random elements to create a captivating landscape of sound grounded by her voice. She even had a toy voice mutator that I actually own.
When Cibelle took the stage at midnight she was wearing a beautiful yellow dress and had tattooed her entire body with geometric shapes using black marker. Her live set stayed away from her slow and delicate songs found on her album and rather played a very lively and energetic set. Despite having some problem because of “gremlins” in the instruments, she was perfect on stage, captivating the crowd with her melodies and movements. A real treat was when she asked Seu Jorge to take the stage with her and to sing duet. The night was hot, sexy, and pulsating with energy. Being only a few feet from her I couldn’t help be swept away by Cibelle’s beauty and music. Despite playing for over 2 hours, and clearly tired, she invited Seu Jorge to jam with the band and he proceeded to sing impromptu over the soundscapes of sound. He told us the story on how he was asked to cover Bowie’s songs and even sang one and then gave us one of his own tunes. A real treat indeed. I wish the night never ended.

Many pictures from the show.