Katie Eastburn | Sunset Rubdown @ Bowery Ballroom

Playing solo from her band the Young People, Katie Eastburn had to compete with a very talkative crowd this night. Her soft delicate songs did not get the respect it deserved. People were yapping throughout her entire set and these 3 assholes were actually heckling her. I couldn’t believe it. The songs that I did hear from the clatter were beautiful and her piano playing and lyrics were very smart and intricate.

Sunset Rubdown took the stage to a very young and eager crowd. There was an abundance of hipsters and frat boys tonight to make an overall bad crowd. There was pot smoking and the assholes from before made it a point to ruin the show for those around them. I’m still perplexed why the band garnered so many of these type of fans to sell out Bowery. Were they expecting Wolf Parade? Regardless, Spencer Krug is highly talented and any project he participates in is worth lending an ear to.

It was his birthday and word has it that he was in a bad mood, which seemed plausible. He was very quiet on stage and the set did not have the same energy that I had witnessed last year (even with food poisoning). They played a bunch of new songs and although a decent set, I wasn’t impressed. They ended the evening with “The Empty Threats Of Little Lord” leaving the stage quickly and no encore. I regretted not opting to go to the Type O Negative show. His sans-candle birthday cupcake pretty much summed up the evening.

Pictures from the show.

Young People
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Sunset Rubdown