Small Sins | Land of Talk | Film School @ Mercury Lounge

Very quick catchy pop songs came from Toronto’s Small Sins, and I found them to be quite amusing but musically perplexing. Why did they need 5 people to play the simplest of songs and a guitar player that added just noise over the electronic melodies? The lyrics were downright childish and tended to be repeated over and over like a bad nursery rhyme. The keyboard solo at the end was funny but I’ll pass the next time these guys come around again.

When I found out that Land of Talk cancelled their Tuesday night show, I quickly got rid of my ticket and hoped that they’d be back for Thursday night. The trio from Montreal showed up with a short haired Elizabeth Powell. I’ve been crazy about this band ever since I got their EP and they get my vote for best new band of 07. The music is dirty and sexy and I tend to raise the volume whenever their songs pop up on shuffle. Their live shows are more sensual and moving as they hook you with the hypnotic drone of Liz’s voice and then attack with powerful post-punk guitar and bass hooks.

Holy Feedback Batman! Film School swings by from the west coast to give us their dreamy pop music. Although I could never really get into them since their SXSW days, their live set was much more exciting than their recordings. Their psychedelic songs have a gritty edge to them and the introduction of some female vocals added another, but not too goth-y dimension to the music. The music did set a wonderful wash of sound but after a few songs it just got to be a little monotonous and all the feedback made everything too muddy. Nevertheless, the new album is quite good and wouldn’t mind them entering into the soundtrack of my dreams (at least for a little bit)

Pictures from the show