CMJ Day 1: Miles Benjamin Anthony Johnson | Friendly Fires | Lykke Li

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is a 24-year-old Brooklyn-via-Oregon singer-songwriter that played songs tonight that frequently started of sounding like cover songs. His songs eventually got mangled with jerky melodies and undiscernable vocals. I couldn’t handle his set and left to play guitar hero downstairs and passed someone in the audience singing “Jesse’s Girl” along to the music. ha.

The enthusiasm the exhibited on stage by the Friendly Fires was infectious and soon enough the crowd danced to their electro guitar pop songs. The lead singer never stopped gyrating and kept the energy up for the entire night. If you sped up Fujiya & Miyagi and made them more fun you’d get this band.

I fell in love with Lykke Li’s new album and her sultry dance moves seen on her videos. The band played her songs flawlessly including a stripped down version of “I’m Good, I’m Gone”. Her voice translated very well live and she apologized that she didn’t have any more songs to play so she did covers by Vampire Weekend and Tribe Called Quest. She did not disappoint and a great start to CMJ.

Pictures from the show.