CMJ Day 4: Vivian Girls | Crystal Antlers | Place To Bury Strangers

After seeing Kirsten earlier in the day I decide to continue the noise rock of the day by closing things off at the late show at Bowery. Unfortunately I just missed Marnie Stern who I wanted to check out. Taking under 10 minutes to set up, the Vivian Girls shyly took the stage to play their lo-fi surf punk noise. I’ve developed a huge crush on Cassie and her spaced out demeanor. She even retorted that she wanted to marry me after I yelled at her during their set. Enjoyable set.

Crystal Antlers is a band you need to see live to fully appreciate them. The sonic spectrum these guys from long beach is impressive. Blending psych, lo-fi, prog and punk into a an energetic set of future music. There was complete chaos on stage but somehow they pulled off an entertaining show with promise of good things to come from them.

Brooklyn’s A Place to Bury Strangers combine classic rock with dark metal to create heavy atmospheres of sound. Although mostly guitar driven their experimental approach to distorted sound adds a heavier and evil slant but never going to far into hell. The best show I’ve seen these guys play thusfar and wanted to just curl up in their reverb finale. A perfect end to CMJ, now it’s time to sleep.

Pictures from the show