CMJ Day 2 – Mercury Lounge

Chin Up Chin Up

Ok, no chance to get into the SubPop show at Bowery Ballroom, but Mercury Lounge had a great lineup. 8 bands starting at 6:30. I unfortunately missed Dressy Bessy but caught Amusement Park on Fire. I thought the name was cool but kinda reminded me of Arcade Fire. The music was this spacey gothic mixture and I liked them. Chin Up Chin Up was up next and I was eager to check these guys out. They just released an album off Flame shovel reecords (my new favorite record company). They are from Chicago and I am just crazy about their EP. Although I am not a big fan of what is coming out of the windy city these days, Chin Up Chin Up is breaking the mold. They had a good live act and I got a few songs off their new album and it’s really good. Dirty on Purpose was up next and it was my second time seeing them. They were much better this time around and felt they were playing more cohesively. They debut their new female singer who held up very well, and complimented their songs nicely. Youth Group is an Australian Quartet with a bit of buzz behind them. I thought they played well but I wasn’t blown away. Their songs were catchy but they seem very formulaic and they played their set in the same fashion. They are a young band so they have potential. The Upwelling was up next but I was catching them next week so I bailed. It was nearing 2:30 AM. Now THAT’S a marathon! 🙂

Chin Up Chin Up – “Fuck You, Elton John” mp3