Josh Ritter | Swell Season @ Radio City Music Hall

Very lucky to get front row seats to catch this special show. Josh Ritter played a quick set of only 6 songs but his enthusiasm wasn’t lost on such a large stage. I’m sure he won even more fans tonight.

Swell Season jumped from duets, solo songs, and a full band including The Frames. It was apparent that this has and will become the new incarnation of both bands. Glen & Marketa were humbled and visible overjoyed to be playing at Radio City. They played mainly from the new album which I preferred hearing live. Two songs were dedicated to Kate McGarrigle and a Bruce Springsteen cover of “Drive All Night” which was incredible. Being a long time Frames fan I’m still very happy and proud on what Glen has achieved. This was the best performance I have seen yet. Despite playing almost 3 hours, the band didn’t want to give up the stage, and knowing them I knew they would keep playing. They ended the night with “The Parting Glass” and the lyrics “Good night, and joy be with you all” echoed throughout the night.

Fallen From the Sky
Low Rising
Feeling the Pull
In These Arms
The Rain
The Moon
If You Want Me
Fantasy Man
Say It To Me Now
Back Broke
Astral Weeks (Van Morrison Cover)
The Court of Newton (Violin solo by Colm Mac Con Iomaire)
I Have Loved You Wrong
Drive All Night (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Go With Happiness
When Your Mind's Made Up
Falling Slowly
High Hope
High Horses
Red Chord/The Parting Glass