Rooftop Films with Mountain Goats


Rooftop Films has been showing underground films on rooftops throughout Brooklyn since 1997. They have been getting bigger and better every year and I’m excited for another great year. There‚Äôs something special about watching a film outside with the Brooklyn skyline in the background. This night they invited John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats to play a special acoustic set. Before starting he told the audience to get out of their chairs and to huddle around the stage. Sitting indian style around the music on a rooftop in Brooklyn was like an urban campfire evening under the stars. His simple guitar strumming and imperfect voice took us through some crazed and demented life stories. The Sunset Tree just came out and he played Magpie, Lion’s Teeth, and a great acoustic version of Dance Music. Because he was alone he played more subtle songs from his previous albums. He even played a few that he admitted he’s never played before. Unfortunately the movies shown that night were quite terrible and not worth writing about.