Interpol @ Bowery Ballroom

Although the show was mainly filled with industry people, I got lucky to see Interpol at such a small venue. They are releasing their new album “Our Love to Admire” in July and the one song I’ve heard so far is quite catchy. The stage was decorated with futuristic led lights and dimly lit light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, adding to the ambiance for the intimate evening with the band.

Tonight they had set up their sound man on the floor next to the stage. I’m guessing to better tweak the live production and to test out how the new material would sound. The music was very “professional” and the band showed very little emotion, but then again, it IS Interpol. Despite having a good set of music mixed with some old and new songs, the crowd was absolutely dead and the evening had less energy than I was expecting from such a special show. Nevertheless, it was a treat to hear the new material before the album comes out. Although it sounded good, I feel they haven’t pushed their sound as far as they could and are being very ‘safe’. It’s more of the same music and well, we’ve already had a Joy Division.

Pictures and video from the show.