Pablo Gomez

In partnership with an Open Innovation program of a large brand, I worked with three teams of students to coach them on their initiatives. I played different roles with each team ranging from XD, design, prototyping and creative direction. One project to highlight was an AR platform to encourage people to engage with their city more. Using a gaming mechanic, users would be able to choose local missions and complete them by visiting the areas. With their mobile app, they would get AR overlays of information including: historical views and artifacts, current events and future developments. We built a prototype that worked within a specific area of Manhattan and pulled data from open city API’s and sources. To accompany the work, we built a VR simulation of the prototype for people to experience the platform when not in Manhattan. The VR simulation was a crucial asset to be able to showcase the work at a tech event in another city.

Creative Direction
Experience Design
Visual + Motion Design