Pablo Gomez

Creative Fields
Creative Direction, Motion

At the end of every calendar year, Google creates a campaign to reflect collectively on the twelve months we all lived through on this planet together. Our goal was to increase brand love, be a part of popular culture at the end of the year and to turn Google’s utility and function into an emotional connection. Our insight was clear: people search in an unfiltered and instinctive way. The world searched trillions of times, a massive data set that offered us a snapshot of the times we’re living in. When you look at it properly, search data is a valuable survey of humanity. Our strategy was to use this rich source of insight to offer a unique and never before seen view of the times that we are living in.

We turned these data insights into short stories of search, taking them out into the world and sharing them through a fully integrated campaign. We produced an inspirational film, called “Year in Search”, and created a monument to the year in Times Square with the biggest digital screen in the northern hemisphere.

My role as the animator for the newly installed screen in Times Square was an exciting learning experience. Although I have had experience designing for large digital displays, nothing at this scale had ever been done before. It was exciting to learn and take advantage of designing for such a large display.


Wood Pencil – Branding
Cannes Lions – Data Storytelling / Shortlist

Visual + Motion Design