Pablo Gomez

Creative Fields
Creative Direction, UX / UI

R/GA has grown to 19 offices around the world and curating effective teams has become crucial to the agency’s success. Skillsearch was an internal tool that would move an employee’s career forward by connecting them with opportunities across the globe. Users would fill out a profile page consisting of their experience, interests, and skills. Resource Managers would then find the right employee using a robust search engine using various search criteria. Over time, the valuable data collected can monitor a person, team, and office’s improvement over time.  

A companion portfolio site worked in tandem showcasing an employee’s projects at the agency. The employee would post work that would highlight the skills specified in Skillsearch. With both sites, managers can get a more complete picture of an employee’s capability to create better and more effective teams.

I was the lead UX and Visual designer.
Due to the sensitivity of this work, I cannot make this public.

Project Owner
Experience Design
Visual Design