Welcome to my “blog”. First off I am not a good “blogger”. I merely use this platform of WordPress because it is a very easy way to post my concert outings and event listings. There are some really good, frequently updated blogs out there, and this is not one of them. This is merely replacing the NEWS section of, where I post my reviews of the shows I attend. There’s also a sprinkling of technology news in there as well, because I am still a geek, but I mainly stick to the music.

Secondly, I am a terrible writer. My reviews of shows are a grammatical mess, short and to the point. The show was either good or bad. They are biased on my preferences of music and I am not swayed by what others are saying. If you want more in depth reviews, go to the well respected bloggers out there on the web. For more convoluted reviews, go to pitchfork or tinymixtapes.

I am basically a guy from Brooklyn that goes to a lot of shows. I absolutely love music and that’s why this site exists. I do not pretend to be the next Rolling Stone writer. I’m just sharing my experiences and love telling people about great music that might go unheard or unnoticed.

Lastly, I do not review every show I go to. I just review the ones worth reviewing. No point in posting stuff that is not worth reading. I try to take a few photos of the shows I go to and you’ll find picture links with those postings.

Hope you take some time to read or listen to what’s on this site. I love to hear what you think and if you got some recommendations, send em my way.

Rock On.

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