Rainer Maria @ Bowery Ballroom

Although better judgment would have kept me home and not gone to this show considering I needed to get up at 5:30 AM for the Montauk Bike Tour, I am so glad I went. Caught the last bit of Ambulette’s set which is Maura Davis’ new band. She was the former front woman of Denali and her new quartet puts her voice center stage. Lush and a ton of emotion.

Rainer Maria was on next and they are wrapping up their tour of their new album “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together” which is one of their best ones yet. In the 6+ years I’ve been seeing this band, this is the biggest venue I’ve seen them play at. Caithlin looked amazing and the band seemed very relaxed and happy to be back in NY. They played many of their new songs including a very passionate “I’ll Make You Mine”. They played a lot of the hits, but considering they now have over 6 full lengths out, they couldn’t play all of them. Caithlin’s voice still delightfully cracks during some of her songs and the band has become a very tight trio. The new album continues their direction of loud pop songs and quiet punk songs with lyrics that are very personal. It’s very polished but still raw and emotional. The best live show that I’ve seen the band has put on.

Pictures from the show.