2019 Jan-March : “Sometimes I feel like other people I don’t remember anymore”

The beginning of 2019 has started quite strong.
Lots of good songs dropped in anticipation for new releases.

Excited for the following albums:
Aldous Harding, Big Thief, Vampire Weekend, Tim Hecker, The National, Operators, Sky Ferreira, Tool

The months after April are always my busiest as the bands from SXSW make their way up the east coast. A mix of old & new bands are on my calendar, including a bunch from my top 100 list. Some highlights:

The Coathangers come back with a new release. Although not that crazy about what I’ve heard so far on it, their live shows are super fun.

The double bill of Black Belt Eagle Scout, Julia Jacklin is a must go show.

Three bands on my 2018 top 10 lists playing at the same time 🙁
Camp Cope & Health w/ Youth Code.
I’ll be opting for the Health show so if anyone wants tix for Camp Code, hit me up.

Other top 2018 list bands playing live.
JPEGMAFIA, Idles, Tierra Whack, MGMT
and Versus is coming back with a show and a new release.

I’ve added some up & comers to the concert list from SXSW bands that caught my ear, so that list will be constantly updated in the next few days. Currently working on my SXSW playlist.

full concert list

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