Tunebooks. It finally launches.

So a little thing I’ve been secretly working on with my cohort Tom Gibbons and Josh Koppel finally goes live. It’s called Tunebooks and it’s for iTunes. It’s what your digital music has been missing. After some diligent negotiating with Apple and the record companies, we realeased our first Tunebook for Click5 and one for The Darkness the following week. We are all very excited for this project and the future of digital music. Stay tuned for some new projects.

Our Official Site: Tunebooks

Here are some links to what the blogosphere is saying.

Digital Liner Notes for iTunes Albums. Finally.

TuneBooks Digital Album “Booklets” To Begin With the Darkness

Neko Case @ Joe’s Pub

Neko Case

I was lucky enough to catch Neko at Joe’s Pub on Thursday. Very excited especially after a great performance with the New Pornogrphers. Happy to see her at a much preferred venue than Webster Hall. She played several new songs with her amazing back up band. She looked stunning as expected. Check out some photos from the show. Afterwards we hurried over to the Mercury Lounge to catch Matt Pond PA. I was surprised to find out that the show was sold out with a decent line to get in. They had just started and with little hope to get in, the chilly night made us head home (still humming Neko). Hopefully Matt Pond will hit NY again as their new album is quite good.

Make Believe @ Northisx

My marathon of music concludes with Make Believe at Northsix. I was very eager to check these guys out ‘cuz I missed them during CMJ. The opening band Michael Columbia from Chicago were quite interesting. Although the duo were repetitive at times, their music kinda grew on me. It must have been the unique combination of live drums, saxaphone, and funky electronic loops.

Make Believe took ths stage and it was actually nice to see Tim Kinsella again. The last few Joan of Arc shows I attended were just awful and I had the hope that Make Believe would pick up the Joan of Ass pieces. Tim seemed to be in a trance for most of the show and gained more energy as the show progressed. The crowd (about 40) was into the squelches and bursts of energy coming from the stage. Slowly I got into the complex sounds as well. I felt that the music could have been more polished but I was happy with how far the band was pushing the boundaries of indie rock. I am excited for what this band has to offer in its next iteration. In the meantime, check out their video for We’re All Going to Die. and pictures
from the show.