Swell Season @ Prospect Park Bandshell

Although their new album ain’t that great, Swell Season playing for free outside in Brooklyn was a must. Glen knows how to command a crowd and tonight was no different. They played all the hits to a perfect night and got lucky to be in the front row. Marta displayed a new short haircut and announced that she moved to New York. For this band that always sells out Radio City to play a free show in my neighborhood was quite a treat. I LOVE NY.

Some videos.

Best Coast | Free Energy @ South Street Seaport

Best Coast sure is buzzzzy these days, but I came to fist pump the air with Free Energy. These guys are just plain fun and played a phrenetic set of 70’s tunes to mostly a crowd that weren’t even born then. They crammed it all in before a torrential rain came in and drenched the pier. Always a great live show.

Silverghost | Jeff the Brotherhood | Obits | Murder City Devils @ Williamsburg Waterfront

Another perfect day at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Spectacular views, great crowd, free stuff, running into old friends, and a whole bunch of bands, all for free. Silverghost was on first and although will never achieve what the Von Bondies were, I’m still clearly not over my crush on Marcie Bolan. Very excited to see Jeff The Brotherhood again as they were one of the highlights at SXSW. Despite Jake battling a fierce illness, they brought the rock. And then the Obits came on and put on a boring set of new songs. They didn’t even play the old songs that are killer, and their other guitarist gets more and more annoying each outing. What was more annoying was Murder City Devils taking forever to take the stage. They looked promising and brought a lot of energy into the crowd, but the music just wasn’t there.

Pictures from the show.

Beirut @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

It’s been awhile since Condon has released anything new for Beirut, but I couldn’t resist seeing him for the discounted price of $9.99. Kudos to the idea of a box office only show. He mainly played the old stuff but slipped in a few new ones which were rough but good. He played to a great sold out crowd. The last few times I’ve seen him live have been boring, but something good was in the air tonight.

some good vids here.

Faith No More @ Brooklyn Waterfront

Faith No More. Yes a reunited Faith No More!! Although Mike Patton commented that the crowd this time was much more “mature”, you couldn’t tell tell that the band aged musically. They started with “From Out of Nowhere” and the setlist ebbed and flowed through all their albums. Listening to Angel Dust again made me remember why that album is in my top 10 of all time. Awesome awesome show.