Nov 2018 – Mar 2019 : “If we could see what we’d become”

End of the year is always a bit slow 
but to round out 2018, some highlights are: 

Snail Mail @ White Eagle Hall

caught a bit of her opening up for Alvvays and I want more

Although their new album is quite a dud, Stars is always a good time.

and Handsome Furs are back. Not a typo.

2019 starts off with a few choice shows.

Very very excited to see the dream pop duo Azure Ray making an appearance with a new album and just a 3 city tour including the Bell House. In my opinion, an overlooked band from the early aughts. If the new single is any indication, the new album will be wonderful. Not to be missed.

I have been completely addicted to HEALTH’s collaboration singles slowly released these past few months. They played one of the best shows in 2016 and no doubt this one will be killer.

Excited to finally catch one half of Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass play live.

Daughters headline this show at Warsaw and their new album is one of the most intense and amazing things I’ve heard all year. 

Speaking of…coming up

Best of 2018.

stay tuned

tune in

2018 Sept – Nov – “Keep your trembling sentinel hand at bay “

Major storms are brewing outside
Tropical, geological, political and musical
Summer ended with a flurry of great concerts
and now comes another front of new releases and shows

Super excited for these releases
Aphex Twin, Low, Noname, Metric, Marissa Nadler, Julia Hotler, Yumi Zouma, Dead Can Dance

Show highlights:
I remember when Resuscitation came out in 2001 messing up my view electronic punk. After seeing Adult. live made me a fan forever. They are back supporting a new release.

Recently got into Author & Punisher. Full album out in October and the single Nihil Strength is killer. Very intrigued to see how this one man band pulls off his incredible sound live.

Dear Science is an album that really shifted the oversaturated NY indie rock scene when it came out. It celebrates a decade and although I was never that crazy with TV on the Radio’s live set, hearing this album again would be a treat.

LVL UP sadly calls it quits and I hope they go out with a major bang.

Balancing that show with Alvvays and Snail Mail.

Killer label showcase show with Cascine bands Yumi Zouma, Half Waif & Maria Usbeck. Still spinning Lavender and do yourself a favor and listen to Yumi Zouma’s new track In Camera to keep the summer alive just a tad bit longer.

full concert list

Spotify Sept – Nov 2018 Playlist