The Posies @ Bowery Ballroom

So after a several year hiatus, The Posies are back. They’ve released a new album and finally a new website which is quite amazing. I’ve been a fan of this band since I was in grammar school and is quite possibly my favorite band. Although the new album “Every Kind of Light” doesn’t hold up like their previous efforts, there are a few gems and it’s just an excuse to tour which these guys are pros at. I’ve seen this band at sold out arenas to intimate spaces like Maxwell’s, and they always put on a killer show. This night was no exception.

I was surprised to see the Bowery Ballroom so empty, but the fans that did show up were hard core and knew every song. Some were peeps that I had met at previous Posies shows in the tri-state area. I was very eager to see them play again and to test out their new material. It was Jon Auer’s birthday so a steady stream of tequilla was being supplied. They opened the show with a new song and the place went nuts. They proceeded to play all their hits as if they were playing them for the first time. After a few songs, Ken Stingfellow jumps down from the stage with his guitar and mic to perform the next few. It was amazing to be right next to him singing along. There was so much energy in the show. For their finale they let anybody, including my friend Alison, get up on stage to be “dancers”. After the encore they destroyed the stage. Some shows are musically perfect. Some shows are just fun. This show was both and it may be the best concert I have ever been to in all my concert goings….Really.

Here are some pictures of the show and a live track.

SPIN 20th Anniversary @ Webster Hall

Spin threw a huge party with a ton of great musical guests for their 20th Anniversary. The problem? Not publicized, expensive tickets, terrible venue. With bands like Public Enemy, Death Cab for Cutie, LCD Soundsystem, the list goes on, you’d think the place would be packed and crazy. Wrong. It was the worst crowd I’ve seen in a long time. Ok. now for the music.

The highlight was the surprise guest J. Mascis coming out solo with a guitar. He played 3 songs and quietly left the stage. He was actually quite good and loved the drony songs he played. Juliette Lewis was the host and was kinda annoying but at least she looked hot. DMC came on and did a few songs including “Walk This Way”. Death Cab was on next and unfortunately they were just awful. They had no energy and the songs sounded terrible. All the young emo kids were going crazy but I couldn’t handle it anymore. I just wanted Public Enemy to come on. They finally took the stage and couldn’t believe how empty the venue was! It’s fucking Public Enemy!! are you kidding me? All them white emo kids just came to see Death Cab! How sad. Well, at least I was able to get to the front row then. Needless to say, PE put on a killer show. Flava Flav came out after the 2nd song with his trademark clock necklace. For a guy who is in his 50’s, he can still rock, but boy is he such a trip. They played for over an hour and kept bringing out their friends. It was nearing 2 AM and the bouncers decided to leave. PE kept on playing and playing as the crowd got smaller and smaller. Great night of music and some decent pictures from the event.

Brooklyn Responds: Katrina Benefit @ Southpaw

This was a jam packed show of great bands playing for a good cause. Richard Buckner, They Might Be Giants, The Wrens, acoustic Nada Surf, and Sam Champion. Everyone played great. The show was sold out but mainly due to the TMBG fans. As soon as they were done, Southpaw was empty, which I was shocked because there were 3 more great bands left! Weird. Wrens played a few songs off Meadowlands and Matthew & Ira tested out their new material acoustically. I was bummed cuz there was only 15 people there to listen. By the time Sam Champion took the stage the crowd dwindled to about 5. I’m glad I stayed cuz they played a decent set. Their music is better live than on disc.

CMJ Day 3

Saw no good shows today. And the frustration led me to miss Make Believe at the 169 bar. Oh well, I heard the place was packed and couldn’t get in anyway. Ok, time for sleep.

CMJ Day 2 – Mercury Lounge

Chin Up Chin Up

Ok, no chance to get into the SubPop show at Bowery Ballroom, but Mercury Lounge had a great lineup. 8 bands starting at 6:30. I unfortunately missed Dressy Bessy but caught Amusement Park on Fire. I thought the name was cool but kinda reminded me of Arcade Fire. The music was this spacey gothic mixture and I liked them. Chin Up Chin Up was up next and I was eager to check these guys out. They just released an album off Flame shovel reecords (my new favorite record company). They are from Chicago and I am just crazy about their EP. Although I am not a big fan of what is coming out of the windy city these days, Chin Up Chin Up is breaking the mold. They had a good live act and I got a few songs off their new album and it’s really good. Dirty on Purpose was up next and it was my second time seeing them. They were much better this time around and felt they were playing more cohesively. They debut their new female singer who held up very well, and complimented their songs nicely. Youth Group is an Australian Quartet with a bit of buzz behind them. I thought they played well but I wasn’t blown away. Their songs were catchy but they seem very formulaic and they played their set in the same fashion. They are a young band so they have potential. The Upwelling was up next but I was catching them next week so I bailed. It was nearing 2:30 AM. Now THAT’S a marathon! 🙂

Chin Up Chin Up – “Fuck You, Elton John” mp3