The Posies @ Bell House

I remember the exact day when I bought “Frosting on the Beater” by the Posies. It was on a hot sweltering day during my lunch hour slaving away at my crappy job. The album soon became the soundtrack of my summer and paved the way to the indie pop influence in my musical repertoire. Although the album came out in 1993, I still play it heavily on my itunes and its one of those albums you buy multiple copies of because you overplay them and give them to your friends. The band always puts on an energetic show but only playing songs from this masterpiece of an album is a special treat.

They played the album in its entirety and in the original track order. Jon and Ken were perfect trading and harmonizing their vocals and Ken was energetic as usual on stage. This time I decided to stand near Jon so that I wouldn’t get spit on. I got chills when they played my personal favorite “Love Letter Boxes” and “How She Lied by Living.” They played a lengthy encore including crowd favorites “Ontario” and “Please Return It”. They ended the night with “You’re The Beautiful One” which is probably one of the most perfect love songs ever played. A remarkable and unforgettable night.

Pictures from the night.

David Byrne @ Prospect Park

David Byrne for free in Prospect Park is a perfect way to start the summer. Luckily it never rained during his 2 hour set and the bandshell held up very well acoustically. The added video panels were a bonus for the above capacity crowd. He brought along his dancers and played many Eno songs extending from his current tour. He treated us to a great show and finally got the crowd into the music when he played  “Once in a Lifetime” and one of my favorites, “Life Is Long.”

Grant Hart | Death Vessel @ Bell House

Grant Hart formally of Hüsker Dü opened things up and was bored as I was expecting a bit more punk rock and a little less wimpyness.

I was very excited to have a full band back up Joel Thibodeau of Death Vessel this evening. This talented musician has relocated from Berlin, Maine, Boston, Providence, to finally settle in Brooklyn. I’ve been following his career for a bit now and I feel he is really starting to find his groove with a superb new album. His angelic yet haunting voice still holds up with the other instruments and its hard not to be mesmerized on how it all blends together. He even treated us to a solo song from his previous band String Builder for the encore.