Meowskers | O’Death @ Mercury Lounge

Didn’t know too much about this trio from Brooklyn, but with a name like Meowskers it’s hard not to think the worst. I wasn’t ready for what came out of the monitors from their first song. The lead singer’s voice was quite peculiar but it matched the band’s retro yet present melodies.

The local fans came out again for O’Death’s second night at Mercury Lounge. They put on a predictably rocking show. Despite the unexpected death of david’s fiancĂ©, the band has persevered and is continuing their momentum taking over venues with their bluegrass heavy rock. The show was all energy, with fans dancing, stomping and passing around bottles of whiskey. The air smelled of liquor, body order, and rock n roll. This will probably be the last time the band will play such a small venue.

Pictures from the show.