Chris Pureka @ Joe’s Pub

I still don’t know why Chris Pureka isn’t more well known. For a couple of years I’ve been following her beautiful songs and each release gets stronger and stronger. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her live show but after starting her set with her new song “California” I knew it was going to be a great show. Chris has such an amazing voice and performed her songs flawlessly with more emotion that’s usually hiding within her songs. She played for about 1.5 hours to a sold out crowd including a great Dylan cover. I was surprised to see her sell her own merchandise immediately after the show. I chatted with her as she was curious on how I found about her and why I was at the show. I thanked her for a beautiful night of music as I bought her new Chimera E.P.

Throbbing Gristle @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

I was more than excited to finally see Throbbing Gristle perform live and in Brooklyn! It was their first US show in 28 years and they started things off with a live soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s In The Shadow of the Sun. After some time and some beer I became infused with the visual and sonic mesh and enjoyed many of the sequences in the film.

Then after a very lengthy and shameless attempt of self-promotion and merchandise pushing the band set up a table to autograph 1 item from the audience. Note to manager: Do this AFTER the show.

Then what followed was a 40 minute audio video art installation of 2 throbbing lines pulsating in and out of sync, It reminded me of the sound performances of one of my favorite electronic duos Pan Sonic. Although I enjoyed the experience it seemed out of place for the timing of the entire night and went on excruciatingly too long. Note to manager: Don’t have your unannounced opening act play in the middle of a show people have been waiting decades to see.

Then after another long delay with a noticeably thinner crowd, Throbbing Gristle finally took the stage after 11 PM for a show that was supposed to start at 7 PM. Although the lights were off for the intermission they decided to turn them ON for the main act! Actually, they turned on ALL the fucking lights including the stage lights and venue lights. Now I can understand leaving the stage lights on for the first song or two for the press to take pictures, but for the entire evening including the auditorium? It was a weird experience to see such a band like TG in such an awkward setting. Needless to say, they still came out and gave us a difficult but rewarding music experience playing a range of songs. The crappy sound system at the Masonic Temple and drinking too much of the shittiest polish beer imaginable may have added to the musical experience, but I was just too darn tired and pissed off at the way the venue handled such a unique and important night of music. A huge disappointment. Note to manager: 1) Don’t leave on the lights for the entire duration of the show. 2) When the band asks you to turn off the lights, you should listen to them. We don’t want to see Genesis’ face that clearly anyway. 3) You should discourage the bouncers from ruining a good time.  4) Please kill yourself.

Pictures from the show.

Amazing Baby | The Wrens @ Bell House

4 guys with really good hair + classic fuzz rock + brooklyn = Amazing Baby.

The Wrens in Brooklyn! Hell yea! Even with some of the best albums ever put out, seeing The Wrens live makes you truly appreciate their musical talent and energy. Although mostly playing from Meadowlands, they did treat us with a few new songs. We celebrated Jerry MacDonald’s birthday along with “Flat Stanley,” a drawing by his 8 year old son. This guy who’s been going to 100 shows in 100 days (sounds like something I would do) was the “5th Wren” to play a song with them onstage. As always an amazing show and I will patiently again to hear a new album or a live show.

Pictures from the show

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s | Cloud Cult @ M.H. Williamsburg

You’d expect a large entourage with a name like Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. The band played a solid set with many instruments and lots of musical energy. Their new album is still on heavy rotation here and I was excited to hear the tracks live.

With I think 7 albums behind them, Cloud Cult played a somewhat special show for one of their favorite cities. They played for almost 1.5 hours with songs ranging from their entire catalog including a few they normally don’t play. I always enjoy the highly creative live spectacle they bring to every performance, The emotional and narrative songs are accompanied with live painting to create a unique concert experience. I’m glad I caught them again as I feel they’ll be on a long hiatus. They also have a new documentary out.

Pictures from the show.
great video: As Tall as Cliffs