Amy Milan @ Bell House

When not co-fronting her band Stars, Amy Millan goes solo with a more country side of herself. Her songs have a simple beauty on her 2nd release Masters Of The Burial. Although not bringing a larger crowd as I would have expected, she still played a solid set. More upbeat live than on record and she gave us some extra tunes cuz we were in Brooklyn.

Alice Donut @ Southpaw

I distinctly remember listening to Alice Donut for the first time. I was in my bedroom in Queens blasting their 1st album on my crappy walk-man. I was staring at their strange band photos as the most bizarre mix of punk and hard rock rock I had ever heard played. The music was an eclectic mix of everything that was happening musically at the time but with lyrics that were extremely odd and disturbing. Tomas started the night stating that after 20 years and 10 albums they have finally “made it”. His disturbed smile soon followed and continued to stare down the crowd til the very end. The set was great mix of mostly old songs but some new ones thrown in. The band was still energetic onstage but the crowd’s energy hasn’t aged one bit. When the classics ended the night, a healthy mosh pit overtook the crowd.  They’re back on Alternative Tentacles to release their 10th album and put up a really great band site worth checking out.

Pictures from the show. (coming soon)