Matt & Kim

Luckily I have already seen Professor Murder several months back, so I wasn’t that bummed that I missed the majority of their set. Although many people came to see them, the space filled up again to catch the bouncy synth pop of Matt & Kim. This duo was all smiles when they played and they put out one of the most enjoyable videos for their song “Yea Yea”. The crowd was young and energetic and the band set up their gear right to edge of the stage (probably to mimic their cramped Brooklyn loft shows). Kim was possessed pounding away on her drums while Matt played his pulsating keys. The crowd went nuts, dancing, crowd surfing, stage diving, speaker diving. Everyone was having FUN and especially the band, which just added to the overall vibe of the show. One of the funnier moments was when Matt pressed one of the default rhythm keys on his new keyboard which made Kim spontaneously get up and dance to the cheesy loop. The show was only 8 dollars which the band ensured would happen as they stated they wouldn’t charge any amount that they wouldn’t pay for themselves.

So the music isn’t all that original or even ground-breaking, but the band’s DIY attitude towards music and handle of pulsating bubbly synth music is either brilliant or absurd. But that’s not the point. Their music is fun, and their live shows are even better and it’s hard not to be infected by their joy and arresting music. We all left very sweaty and with huge smiles.

Pictures from the show.

The Big Sleep | The Thermals

This show sold out pretty quickly. The big sound of The Big Sleep would finally get a bigger stage. They came out pretty strong playing some of my favorite songs but very few new ones. Although I’m eager to hear some new material, it’s always great to experience this band live. I felt the sound wasn’t perfect at Bowery, and as usual the vocals suffered the most. Regardless, they added more fans to their base. Congratulations on the birth of the twins.

The crowd was anxious for The Thermals, and I couldn’t blame them. Their new album was really good and they have developed their sound into a slightly new direction. And the songs “Pillar of Salt” and “Here’s Your Future” was a recurring anthem for me the previous year. The band was pure energy, playing one song right after another. They never took a break, and either did the crowd. The fans were moving, dancing, singing to every song and really elevated the show. Although I felt the set of songs became a bit monotonous, they would sprinkle in some of their more guitar catchy ones to maintain the momentum. The lead singer and bassist constantly moved around the stage and kathy’s hair was always bopping back and forth to the songs. It was a genuine fun night and the Thermals made sure of that.
Pictures from the show.
Pillar of salt video