2021 Oct-Dec: “You said it was all in.”

Last quarterly playlist is finally out. Had to wait for a few late December releases I was eager to check out. Some tracks wound up on my Best List so it was worth it.

Speaking of finally out, Aeon Station got its official release.
It’s not exactly how I thought the next Wrens album would materialize. And it’s not exactly the Wrens but it is Wrens-like.
Was it worth waiting almost 20 years for?
No, but I’ll take what I can get.

Cloakroom and barmm sneaked In some nice shoe gaze singles

Nilüfer Yanya put out a strong single in anticipation for a new release in March.

Haven’t enjoyed too many of the Health collabs as of late, but they found a good pairing with Poppy.

Check out the playlist of the newest singles from the last few months here:

Best Of posting coming soonish!

Aeon Station – Queens

This release by Kevin Whelan from The Wrens comes with surprise and anticipation but also some baggage attached. A dispute about money and the never released saga of The Meadlowlands pushed Kevin to release these 5 songs intended for that mirage of an album. Regardless on how this materialized, I’m taking anything I can at this point as I’m tired of posting every few years a hope for an album. The 1st Single Queens is out. I’m already pretty excited for the rest of the release in Dec.