Memory Tapes @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

I hate the MTA. This is the first weekend with all the new subway changes. It took me 1.75 hours to get to Williamsburg from Park Slope! I missed Twin Sister who I was very eager to see again. Luckily I got to see Memory Tapes as part of the Northside Festival. The sound that comes from this duo is so intense. They remind me of a darker version of Benzos but with more intricate and hypnotic melodies. The drummer kicked serious ass as he provided the foundation for the vocalist to use his voice like another instrument. They played a superb set to an awesome light set design. Definitely want to catch these guys again.

New Pornographers @ Bell House

Only caught the second half of The Dutchess and the Duke and unfortunately couldn’t get into their set. The songs weren’t polished and felt they were just a little “off.”

Super lucky to see The New Pornographers at such an intimate setting. Although the shows have become predictable, when Neko joins the stage it’s hard to pass up a night of super catchy songs. They played many of the classic hits and that many new ones from their somewhat boring new album. We got lucky to have Dan Bejar join then and played many of the tunes he worked on. Despite being kinda drunk he came out for the encore and played “Testament To Youth In Verse” and a fitting version of “Slow Descent into Alcoholism.'”

JG Thirlwell’s Steroid Maximus @ Prospect Park

Australian composer, producer, performer, visual artist JG Thirlwell has has a profoundly influential effect in New York City’s underground music world and in my overall taste in music. Listening to his Foetus work exposed me to the underbelly of NYC sound and completely rocked me. Tonight we had the treat to witness a never before heard piece performed by Steroid Maximus, a big band/exotica mini-orchestra. He was also joined onstage with Steven Berstein as well as an expanded brass section. The show was an experimental and contemporary orchestration of sound. An amazing night under the stars.

The Giraffes | Goes Cube @ Bell House

A last minute show at the Bell House resulted in a killer rock billing. East Of The Wall started things off for The Giraffes who always put on a good show. The crowd was not that especially rowdy this night but that didn’t stop the band from punching back. Goes Cube came on for the farewell set since Dave is moving out of the city. New York will be losing a one of the hardest rocking bands we got. 🙁

The Giraffes has a new Live CD/DVD from a recent show at Union Pool.
Pictures from my camera before being destroyed from all the Jameson poured over me.

Junip @ Bowery Ballroom

Junip was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the late ’90s led by José González. With several organs, synchs and drums the songs are more dynamic than his solo stuff. Although they didn’t play many of the old stuff that has darker undertones which I prefer, the new stuff was engaging. At times trace-like, other times jammy, but always groovy. If you are into the combination of ambient krautrock, check them out.