Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin | Chin Up Chin Up

I was eager to catch Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin as I missed them when they opened up for Birdmonster last year. These young lads from Missouri came out with a well crafted album, Broom that is very catchy and good to sing along to. They started off the set with Oregon Girl which I think is the best tune and got the crowd, majority of which where young girls, into the mood. I enjoyed them but midway through I got bored and sleepy until the 2 guitarists collided when they tried to jump over each other. It was quite funny and surprised they kept playing as they hit the stage hard. Their next and last song was a let down when the lead singer’s guitar decided to expire during the song. Overall a dissapointing set with a few good (and funny) moments.

Up next was Chicago’s Chin Up Chin Up and was excited to see them again. Their 2005 CMJ performance was one of the more memorable shows. The Chicago sound has basically sucked in the late 90’s but these guys have been doing some really interesting things and continue to push the sound with their new album This Harness Can’t Ride Anything. This album comes after the tragic death of their bassist Chris Saathof by a drunk driver outside the Empty Bottle. Their live set and new tunes were energetic and fun. Although not a super show, it was great to see these guys continuing their sonic journey.

Pictures from the show.

Ayano Kataoka & Joshua Quillen | Explosions In The Sky

I got 2nd row tickets for the third part in the Wordless Music Series. It took place in a church-like concert hall at the Society for ethical Culture. Ayano Kataoka, a native from Japan, started the night with a riveting solo percussion performance. She was then joined with Joshua R. Quillen to play two songs on two enormous marimbas. I was especially moved by their performance or Steve Reich’s “Nagoya Marimbas”

I finally get to see Explosions in the Sky again and this time showcasing some new material form their new album that got released that day. This 4 piece instrumental band has seen a huge rise in popularity despite not being on the radio, avoiding all Live Nation/Clear Channel venues, and not signing to a major. Their triumphant emotional songs shook the building. They started the set with “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”, the title track off their new album. Although expected to only play 4 songs, they gave us a few more which made the night even more special. The space quickly became consumed with their soundscapes and didn’t let up until they finished an hour later. As usual they played through each song without any breaks and left the stage exhausted. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show and the venue and sound system was perfect for the perfromance. I was so impressed by this band and completely captivated by their live performance once again. Definitely the show to beat for 2007.
Pictures from the show.


pics and mp3 from 2005 show.

Cat Power @ Moma

This night even started out bad by waiting in line for about an hour in the rain and cold just to get into Moma’s sleepwalkers event. Having a show at a museum with no stage is a bad idea. No one could hear the opening reading but then these 2 performers/artists came out yelping out auction bidding in a frantic and unstopping pace. It was surreal having that occur in a museum and thought it was thought provoking.

Despite being a few rows back from her and next to the speaker, Cat Power’s performance was muffled by all the chatter going on inside. It was one the worst audiences I’ve ever experienced. She seemed very happy taking the stage but she left after a few songs, no doubt because no one could hear her. At least the lights hanging from the ceiling provided an interesting backdrop for her.