Rainer Maria (Farewell Show) @ Northsix

After almost 10 years Brooklyn’s (via Wisconsin) Rainer Maria decide to break up. I find this shocking especially after their latest release “Catastrophe Keeps Us Together” to be one of their strongest releases to date and have been playing the best live shows recently. I find this sudden news disheartening as I felt the band was onto much bigger things in their career.

This year has had many musical good byes and closings and I guess it’s fitting that I close out 2006 with yet another sorrowful adieu. I actually cut my vacation to Mexico short 1 day so that I wouldn’t miss this show. It was very fitting that the band decided to have their final show at Northsix, in their neighborhood and the club that welcomed them to NY. This band has been part of my life for the past decade and felt I grew up with them, seeing them play from crappy basements to the incredible shows at Bowery Ballroom. Their songs have had a huge impact on my life and can easily equate specific memories and moments in my life to certain songs and albums.

Unfortunately the show was on a Sunday night so the scene was kinda dead, but the fans that did show up were die-hard. One guy even flew from Seattle to be present at the show. Kyle even came outside to talk to some of us and introduced himself to me. He stated that he was actually nervous about tonight’s show. I was also a bit anxious about the show as well. Like a girlfriend that is about to break up with you.

They took the stage adorned with fans’ gifts and flowers attached to their mic stands. They started the set with their biggest “hit” Artificial Light which received a loud welcome. I was surprised to hear Atlantic next, which they NEVER play. I knew that I was in for a special show. The band played flawlessly and although lacked the intense energy I’ve seen them display in recent shows, it was a perfect combination of great songs and chemistry on stage. Kyle seemed to rock out more on the guitar and Caithlin looked calm and collected for her final performance.

Their second and final encore was introduced by Kyle and it was perfect conclusion for the band. Everyone exploded during Tinfoil and ended with a lengthy and emotional version of Rise

The crowd was intense and full of emotion. I left the show like many others. Saddened but full of musical energy. It was truly a special night and I felt privileged to say goodbye to some old friends.

Pictures and video from the show.

1. Artificial Light 2. Atlantic 3. Soul Singer 4. Catastrophe 5. Life of Leisure 6. Thought I Was 7. Burn 8. I’ll Make You Mine 9. Planetary > Broken Radio 10.The Contents of Lincoln’s Pocket 11. Breakfast of Champions 12. CT Catholic 13. Already Lost 14. Ears Ring

15. Summer and Longer 16. New York, 1955 17. I Love You Too

18. Hell and High Water 19. Tinfoil 20. Rise

The Lovely Feathers @ Pianos

Another band from Montreal?!! Well at least this band doesn’t have any animal names in their title. The Lovely Feathers play fast catchy indie songs. The band, like their songs, are very quirky and although I felt their new album is a bit disheveled and not cohesive, their live act makes up for it. They are very energetic onstage and their songs translate much better live. Although their alt-rock songs have interesting song structures, they sound sloppy and not serious enough to warrant repeat listens. Nevertheless the band was really fun live and played many of the crowd’s requests including an abbreviated version of “I Really Like You” 🙂

Pictures from the show.