Josh Ritter @ South Street Seaport

Boy I sure love these free NY shows! This time Josh Ritter took the South Street Seaport stage as the sun set into East River. It is such a treat to see this extremely talented singer/song writer. His new album The Animal Years is quite a gem and has been gathering praises everywhere. His songs are expertly crafted around his poetic lyrics about life, love, war, and all the places in his life. He played only a few of his hits as he has so many but easily captured even more fans that weren’t familiar with his music. At one point he got the entire crowd to sing along to one of his songs which was quite cool as we were outside at the seaport and open to the public. Josh is always happy to be onstage but he was especially happy tonight, playing outdoors, the weather was perfect, and with a perfect back drop. It’s one of those days that make you just love New York. Thanks.

Pictures from the show.