Birdmonster @ Union Hall

I absolutely went crazy when I heard about Birdmonster from Gorilla vs. Bear and loved their debut EP in early 2004. Unfortunately missed them live last time they came around, but with 3 back to back shows in NY/NJ it was hard to miss their frenetic live show. When these young unassuming guys took the stage it was hard to believe what came blasting out of the speakers. They were pure intensity from the start and never let up. They were dancing all over the small stage, knocking themselves into the amps and into each other. They were like trapped animals trying to escape and making as much noise and racket in the process. Although their recordings come close to capturing the energetic sound, their live show surpassed every expectation I had. Their soft/loud dynamic was more dramatic and their great attitude on stage is addictive. These guys play like their lives depended on it, but with huge smiles on their faces. These guys just plain rock!

Pictures from the show.

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