Midlake @ Bowery Ballroom

It’s been a while since the boys from Denton Texas made their way back to New York. This time they had less keyboards and more guitars onstage which helped bring out all the subtle flourishes in their songs. Supporting their new album The Courage Of Others, which is quite good despite what pitchfork says (which is why you should never read their reviews). The band was very quiet on stage which helped them concentrate on the intricate melodies. Balancing new and old songs, at times the set got a bit “jammy” which only worked for the intro to quite possibly the best recent indie song ever, “Roscoe.” Although the new stuff isn’t as strong as albums past, it’s hard not to notice that the band is exploring new styles of instrumentation which is expected from a band like Midlake. Playing almost 90 minutes, I enjoyed the variety of the new material and hope they don’t take another 3 years to come back.