Chris Pureka @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

For a monday night, Chris Pureka drew a pretty good crowd to Brooklyn. I was so impressed with her performance at SXSW of new material and I was very eager to hear it again. Her 3rd studio album How I Learned To See in the Dark is more bold and lyrically rich and needs the support a backing band to show off its genius. “Wrecking Ball”, the opening track is a perfect beginning to her deeper and spatial album. I won’t say that the record is a departure but rather an exploration of broader musical themes and bigger abstract compositions. Tonight she was very relaxed and even happy onstage and ultimately played the best set I’ve ever seen her perform. For someone that relies solely on her exuberant fan base and relentless touring she is the embodiment of what “independent” music should be. Her new album gets better with every listen and so far the best of the year for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you gotta see her live. Pick up the new one and support this super talented musician.