CMJ: Day 3: Lissie @ Hiro Ballroom | First AId Kit @ Rockwood Music Hall

First Aid Kit

Lissie was the only show that I had advanced tickets for, as I was not going to miss a chance to catch this incredible singer song writer. Dylan Leblanc opened up for her and he was boring and awful.

I’ve been talking about Lissie as of last year and this musician from Rock Island Illinois has been gaining lots of deserved adulation. Recovering from damaged vocal chords, she still came out to play for a sold out CMJ crowd. Right from the first song you can tell you were experiencing something special. She sings from the heart and you can’t help become emotionally connected to her onstage. Her voice is just incredible and her songs live were more than amazing. I was truly in awe after the show. It’s been awhile since I’ve been floored by an artist at CMJ but she was easily the highlight of many many years of marathoning. We were singing and humming along to her songs for several hours after.

Although I could have been content to end my night on such a high note, we were able to catch the buzzy First Aid Kit. This duo from Sweden sings very simple yet beautiful songs. The melodies are nice and they harmonize perfectly. The place was packed and by the end I was hooked, especially after their cover of Fleet Foxes “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”.  They stepped away from their microphones to sing a song to a surprisingly silent crowd. Check it out here.

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