Gorilla Biscuits @ CBGB’s

What a perfect end for CBGB’s than a Sunday Hardcore Matinee. Started the day off with pizza at St. Marks, which has changed so much since the days I used to go to CBGB’s back in the day. I sat down with Rob of Black Train Jack, a band that heavily influenced my life, and he even gave me a nickname. Ha.

Bane and Bold opened things up and Bold, who reunited after 10 years, put on a pretty decent show and prepped things up for the rest of the day.

Before Gorilla Biscuits took the stage, HR from Bad Brains who happened to be in the neighborhood did a surprise 3 song set. Gorilla Biscuits then took the stage and the crowd immediately erupted despite having their opening sample miscued on their song “New Directions”. This was the first time I have ever worn ear plugs at a concert and glad I did as my ears are still ringing days later. The band was on fire from the start and the entire crowd was a moving monster. After almost every song, Civ paid tribute to all the bands that influenced him and the hardcore scene in general. John Porcelly (Youth of Today) and Toby Morse (H20) each played a song onstage. I left the club sweaty, sore, and euphoric. I stared at the battered CBGB’s marquee for some minutes reminiscing of all the amazing moments I had at the club. Civ even mentioned that the club had “many ghosts” trapped in the walls of the club and for 75 minutes that history came out. I was happy to relive those moments once again at such a monumental place. A large part of my past is leaving when the club finally closes, but I’m glad I got to give the floors some more of my sweat and 1 last good-bye.

My pictures from the show.
Much better pictures here.
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