Marta Topferova / Claudia Acuña @ Joe’s Pub

Just coming back from Buenos Aires, Marta Topferova played an intimate set of songs at Joe’s Pub (which I am hating more and more every time I go there). She played a similar set that I’ve heard before but she did debut a few new songs. Her live shows always stay away from her more dynamic songs found on her albums, so it’s predictably subdued.

Claudia Acuña was much more lively. She is from Chile and she blends Spanish & English songs with Jazz. She even took very traditional songs and gave it a jazzy infusion. Although nothing ground-breaking, a really good live performance.

Afterwards we headed to Nublu, a new club on the outskirts of Alphabet City. It has become a launching pad for local music acts to debut their stuff. It’s essentially 1 floor with the “stage” area in the back. Many musicans and hipsters were lounging around the small space. This night Dub Nomads were playing, starting their set at around 12:30. The band was an eclectic sort mixing dub, reggae, and indie rock. They even continued to play as the cops strolled in seemingly to monitor the place or looking for something (or someone). A few songs later, the fun ended when the cops forced the music to stop and turned on all the lights.

Marta Topferova
Claudia Acuña

SupaComp 2005

SupaComp is finally finished. It’s the biggest and best comp yet, clocking in at 8.5 hours. Editing this comp was very difficult. So much great music came out in 2005. At the last minute I removed 1 song that just wasn’t working and when I burned my master copy it ended up being 697 MG, just barely fitting on my 700 MG blank disk. It was fate. Can’t wait to get started on SupaComp 2006!

The Double / Celebration @ Bowery Ballroom

With a bellyful of pizza from the Tour de Slice – Brooklyn, I was eager to catch this show. Kyp Malone (from TV on the Radio) was an opener and I’ve been spotting him a lot at many of the concerts I’ve been going to, including the Langhorne Slim show of all places. What I did catch from him on stage, was terrible. Celebration was up next and they do this gothic-punk-dance blend that I can’t quite put my finger on. Their music is intriguing and their live show gave their songs even more energy. The lead singer would periodically run to the back of the room armed with a tamborine spewing out lyrics. At one point she lies on the ground of the Bowery Ballroom singing her song, and I have never seen THAT before. She seemed possessed by some demon, the music was erratic but catchy, and worth seeing them again. (They are playing at the upcoming PLUG show)

Very eager to see New York’s The Double. A bit of buzz around this band since they’ve recently signed to Matador. Their new album is very eerie jumping from noisy soundscapes to dense melancholy songs. The album is really unique and takes a few listens to get yourself around the chaos that can come out of this band. Their live act unfortunately was crap. Their songs were just a mess of sound and the singer was failure. I was feeling uneasy. Maybe it was the amount of pizza I ate, but more likely the mess that was onstage. Actually walked out during their set; first walk-out of 2006, congratulations The Double!

pictures from the show.

Celebration media

Tour de Slice – Brooklyn

Inspired by the amazing NY pizza webite, Carl and I rounded up some folks to try out the best slices of Brooklyn travelling on bikes. Although with some bicycle trouble at the start, we prevailed through the cold and traffic to feast on this city’s best pizza. We couldn’t hit ALL the great pizza spots, so no crazy emails yelling why we didn’t hit your favorite joint. The tour included: Di Fara’s, Totonno’s, Spumoni Gardens, Grimaldi, Amorina, Fornino. The tour was great although I had to leave early to go to the Bowery for a show. All the pies were amazing except for Spumoni where they forgot to cook the dough enough, TWICE! And then saying “It’s the best we could do.” Couldn’t believe it. What a letdown, I was looking forward to the pie. My winner was Di Fara. Always makes a solid pie. Stay tuned for Tour de Slice Manhattan.

Check out some pictures.

Ivy / Matt Costa @ Bowery

Yes, I can admit it. I’m an Ivy fan. I know I know, it’s crazy, but I’ve been a fan for this band for almost a decade now. It must be the songs about love and despair. about nostalgia, the aching to get out. Or maybe cuz Dominique is so hot. Whatever it is, her beautiful voice over simple song pop songs are just engaging. It was actually my first time seeing them live. The crowd was very sparse but made up of devotees, including this 6 foot tall man next to me dancing the entire show. Their setlist didn’t stray from their hits which was good. They touched each of their albums and performed their new ones perfectly. The new song “Tess Don’t Tell” may be the best song they’ve ever written. This was their last show on their tour and they mentioned that we wouldn’t hear from them in awhile. Did I just witness another band dissolving? Man I have a knack for seeing the the very last show from great bands. I hope it’s just a break cuz their new album had some serious potential.

Pictures from the show.

Happy New Year – 2006

Decided to ring in the new year with a bang rather than a Clap Your Hands whimper. Caught The Giraffes at Ace of Clubs, formally Acme Underground. The concert was also one of the few shows in a decent price range. The show started with a ton of energy shortly after midnight and continued to intensify as they punched through their very long set list. The crowd was loyal and very drunk and the mosh pit was slippery with beer. A great amount of alcohol was drunk and thrown. After an hour they became an intense wall of energy and actually at one point the stage may have caught on fire. Overall a high energy show that just kept on going….

Check out their photo rich site.
Be sure to check out some of their videos. The one for Manchestor United is simply ridiculous.

While I was dodging elbows and cans of beer I snapped these pictures.