Vampire Weekend | New Pornographers @ Bowery Ballroom

I was elated to find Vampire Weekend opening up for this great night of music. They were very tight and played very upbeat bopping songs. Although there is nothing that unique about their sound, they do play it very well and very enjoyable live.

Tonight however was about The New Pornographers and their intimate show at Bowery. I’m glad I got tickets to this rather than seeing them at Webster later in the month. The band came out in full force (sans Dan Bejar) and delivered an incredible show. I was happy to see Neko singing along with them but her complaining like a little baby about her monitors all night was distracting. Nevertheless, the magic happens when she sings along with A.C., and completes the bands sound. They rocked out some of their new stuff (which were a bit lengthier and jammier) and felt in all my outings for this band, tonight was one of the best. They had a lot more banter on stage between songs which i found really amusing but it made their set last nearly 2 hours. Nevertheless, their stories about how Spoon dissed them several years back was great and prompted several Spoon requests from the crowd. They played all my favorite songs and the best version of Bleeding Heart Show. An awesome night and the new album aint that bad.

Pictures from the show.