Plants & Animals | Wolf Parade @ Warsaw

Montreal’s Plants and Animals rocked out a great intro for tonight’s highly anticipated show. This trio had such an intense sound and was impressed as I explored some Polish beers.

It’s been a long time since Wolf Parade came through these parts, but I still play Apologies to the Queen Mary loudly. Their songs tend to be a bit more rushed live but it’s still an intense assault of sound. The night contained their mix of guitar and synth along with the dynamism between Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner distinct vocals. They played their hits over the very crappy sound system and had various technical problems. The very sold out crowd didn’t seem to mind but the power on stage wasn’t the same as the poor audio output and again the electronics distracted the overall sound live. Unfortunately they didn’t play Modern World, but did play 2-3 new ones that sounded really really good.

Pictures from the show.