The Big Sleep / Film School / Cloud Room @ Mercury Lounge

I’m sure you are tired of hearing me blabbing about The Big Sleep and Film School, so this concert’s review was provided by my special guest Elizabeth Ferris:

I must preface this review with two qualifications: 1) I haven’t been to a show since last April, and 2) I am not Pablo. But you probably figured that from number 1. So when Pablo said he had an extra ticket to The Big Sleep, a group he’s been raving about, with Film School and The Cloud Room, I figured the show would be just what I needed to end my absurd live-music hiatus.

I got to The Mercury Lounge just in time to catch the end of Carina Round, a UK trio with an impressive leading lady. In my humble opinion, she did a superb job on her slow-song-as-last-song delivery, and looked great doing it – very crucial keys to success.

And then came The Big Sleep. All I really knew about them is that they’d be loud, but more than loud, they literally envelope you in the best way. It helped that we were standing front-row center, because there was nothing to distract from the intensely personal experience of watching this unpretentious threesome dish out a walloping smack of sound. You are missing out if you don’t see them – soon!

Two vodka tonics later, Film School was up. You gotta give these guys credit for playing their first show since all their equipment was recently stolen. And while I was in no means disappointed by their set, but I did spend most of the time trying to figure out why they need five guys on stage.

Another vodka tonic later, I was asking the same question again of The Cloud Room. They were very entertaining as well. I didn’t know any of their songs, of course, but you could gauge the crowd pleasers based on the many bobbing heads – especially to their “Hey, now, now!” song.

Best money spent on a show all year. The first, true, but not the last!

Pictures from the show

Carina Round
The Big Sleep
Film School
The Cloud Room

please make a donation at the Film School website to help them from their Van theft in Philly. This sort of thing has been happening a lot lately ;(