Tapes N’ Tapes / Figurines / Cold War Kids @ Bowery Ballroom

I was lucky to get here early to catch Cold War Kids which is a great band name. They brought their jangly guitar rock from California which at times is minimal indie to intense primal rock when they play live. Their music is much like their website, capturing human experiences from the outside and giving it back to the audience. A great live act. They play again at the end of July with Sound Team.

Figurines were terrible and should have played first to not disrupt the vibe of the show. I left after the 3rd song to do multiple tequila shots to cleanse my eardrums.

OK, I know all the bloggers like Tapes N’ Tapes. I found out about the band via gorillavsbear and it seemed within days the band was all over the internet, to the point where I stopped reading the music blogs cuz it got to be silly. They weren’t signed and the music I got from them was quirky and interesting indie rock. Nothing THAT amazing but yet something about them made their sound really unique. So I finally get to catch them live, along with a sold out crowd that sang along to many of their songs. And you know what… they were really great. Halfway through their set they got their groove and played the hit cowbell to their devoted fans. With a sparse stage and simple structures the band created a great sound. I loved it when the tuba came out. The band earned its hype. Great show.

Pictures from the show.