Blood Feathers | Mazarin @ Knitting Factory

Two great Philly bands (the 6th borough) descend to New York to play a show at the Knitting Factory. The Blood Feathers opened up and played a rocking country set with even a square dance number thrown in. After a few songs I realized I’ve seen this band before and they played much better this time around. Theirs songs range from lullabys to clap along country tunes.

So after 10 months of touring Mazarin plays 1 last show before they head into the studio. This show was being recorded for XM so be sure you to look for it. Last time I saw Mazarin at this venue (2 years ago) they played the shortest and worst set I’ve seen in quite awhile so I was very apprehensive tonight. However, with constant touring and a superb new album I was hoping for some improvment. From the first (new) song I new it was going to awesome. They played a bunch of unreleased songs and killer versions off their latest album, “We’re Already There” which was my pick for the best album of 2005. The crowd was OUTRAGEOUS. Mazarin concerts usually consists of the crowd staring at their shoes on acid or other drugs, but tonight people were jumping, dancing, singing, and screaming. I couldn’t believe it, but tonight the band deserved it. They even invited some members of Blood Feathers on stage to play a few tunes together including one of their own. People even started to square dance. They played a super long feedback version of “I’m With You And Constellations” which was euphoric. Not only did they play the longest set ever, they even came out for an encore which I have NEVER witnessed this band do. Although Quentin refused to play my request “Wheats”, he ended with “Louise” and gave me the most fun I’ve ever had on a Monday night.