Pizza Tour – Lower Manhattan

Carl and I are at it again and we continue our quest for the best slice of Pizza pie. This time we focus on lower Manhattan and Carl drummed up a perfect itinerary. 13 places were on the list and 1 more was added along the route. The West Village is blessed with some top places and we enjoyed some incredible slices. With such a large list we started early at 10:45 and didn’t finish until the late evening. Thanks to everyone that showed up. The day and crowd was perfect. I managed to go to 12 places but had to leave to meet up with some friends that wound up cancelling on me. Grrrr. Carl marched onwards to the final 14. You rock.
FAQ: What do you judge on? I personally just focus on the taste of the slice. The quality and amount of cheese. The execution of the crust and the ever important cheese to dough ratio. I don’t care about the decor of the establishment.

Is it fair? To keep it fair, a “regular” slice is generally compared, but a sampling of other slices are tasted.

Do you really eat at every place? Yes. at least a half a slice but usually I eat a full one. Sometimes even 2-3 depending on the quality of the slice.

Why isn’t my favorite plce on your list? Because we don’t like you.

So much pizza in one day AND for breakfast? Are you crazy? Yea, maybe.

My Top 5 (in order): Una Pizza Napoletana, No.28, Lil’ Frankie’s, John’s, Lombardi’s

Carl’s Top 5 (in order) No. 28, Una Pizza Napoletana, Lombardi’s, Lil’ Frankie’s Pizza, John’s Pizzeria

The List:

1) Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine Street

2) Goodfellas Kitchen
91 Christopher St

3) Bleecker Street Pizza

4) DeMarco’s
146 West Houston Street

5) No. 28
28 Carmine Street

6) John’s Pizzeria
278 Bleecker

7) Lombardi’s
32 Spring Street

8) Arturo’s
106 W Houston St.

9) Lil’ Frankie’s Pizza
19 1ST Ave

10) Una Pizza Napoletana
349 12th Street

11) Vinny Vincenz
231 1st Ave.

12) Muzzarella
221 Avenue A

13) Famous Ray’s Pizza
465 Ave Of The Americas

14) Adrienne’s Pizzabar
54 Stone Street

Kudos to the salty crust at Una Pizza Napoletana. The great sauce at Lombardi’s. The attention to ingredient detail at Lil’ Frankie’s, and the perfect balance of everything at No.28. A nice surprise was the last place I hit which was Muzzarella on 14th street. Their “lasagna” slice was killer and ate the whole thing in addition to the regular slice.

Pictures from the day are here.

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  1. i was so glad to be included.

    i hope one day you get to metro north to try the clam pizza at pepe’s and or sally’s in new haven

    muchas gracias

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