Steve Albini RIP

Bandleader, writer, audio engineer, producer and cantankerous music critic Steve Albini passed away at 61 of a heart attack. He was a member of the influential post-hardcore bands Big Black, Rapeman and Shellac. He was doing music in the mid-80’s that no one else was doing that my ears were craving for.  Steve was part of many of the bands that shaped my early music history and his philosophy about music and life always resonated with me. Shellac releases a new album “To All Trains” on 5.17 after a 10 year hiatus.

“The bands that have been the most important to me, and the records that have been the most important to me as a fan, have been records that surprised me for one reason or another.” – Steve Albini

Let’s play one of my favorite songs from Jesus Lizard’s brilliant GOAT which Albini produced as loud as your speakers can handle.