Grizzly Bear | Feist @ Town Hall

Somehow Grizzly Bear successfully filled the large room with their lush melancholy songs. I was impressed on how their delicately orchestrated songs translated live creating a unique ambience inside Town Hall. They brought all the whistling and eclectic instruments, even a recorder, to play their contemporary pop songs. A very inspiring set.

Feist took the stage to a very receptive crowd and started the evening with good momentum. The venue was quite fitting for the evening and the rest of her tour. She’s been playing old theaters across the country and even did a song celebrating vaudeville. She played a wide selection of songs including a very old one never released before called “Red Pioneer” which was beautiful. The sound was perfect and she displayed a lot of energy during the entire set. Her new album is really growing on me, but experiencing the songs live was the real treat.

Pictures and video from the show.