Ra Ra Riot | Tokyo Police Club @ Bowery Ballroom

It was a stormy night in Japan when a shiny black car pulled up next to a huge squid fishing ship. The vessel was preparing for the long voyage to Canada, loading its cavernous cargo bays with pungent buckets of squid meat and squid bait. Quietly, four shadowy figures stole out of the car, shielding themselves against the torrential downpour. They exchanged meaningful glances, and hid themselves in an especially large and especially fragrant container of loose tentacles which was soon loaded on board. As the ship pulled out of port another black car, carrying the deadly assassins of the cunning Yakuza organization, squealed to a halt on the pier. The nefarious characters contained therein jumped out, shaking their fists at the departing vessel and screaming obscenities into the howling wind. Aboard the ship, draped in sticky tentacles, the four young men smiled: their journey had begun.
Tokyo Police Club are simply great and play a solid live show. They’ve matured and have become more solid since last year’s CMJ tour. Their live set was surprisingly amazing.

Opener’s Ra Ra Riot played an equally great set of catchy, short & sweet songs that get stuck with you til the next day. Losing their drummer John Pike earlier this year was shocking and came right on the verge of their breakout of their recent record. They’ve decided to move on and tonight they showed that they mean business.

Pictures from the show.

great music video