Marta Topferova @ Satalla

I am very lucky to have been introduced to this amazing artist. She is originally from the Czech Republic but now lives in NY. She sings in fluent Czech and Spanish. Her songs are beautiful and relaxing with a hint of Bossa Nova. She has a broad range of styles and with only a trio creates a bold sound. She has a sweet but sad voice and her latest album has more mystery in it than her last. Being only 29 (and very beautiful I might add) she has emerged as strong songwriter who can also sing with intense emotion. A must see live performance.

Here’s an mp3 from her 1st album Sueño Verde.
Vuelo De Cigüeña

I’m sad to post that Satalla and Kavehaz will be closing by the end of the year. With all these amazing venues closing for the construction of luxury condos is yet another reason why New York will no longer be the haven for artsist and musicans to live and perform.