Matt & Kim @ Pier 54

I cringe every time I hear Matt & Kim during that Bacardi TV commercial. It was a similar feeling I had while I approached Pier 54 for their free outdoor show. The pier created a wonderful backdrop for the sun to set and a night of outdoor music. However, these perfect factors were quickly ruined by one of the worst audiences and improper setting for the band’s music. Within seconds I became surrounded by the neighborhood of Williamsburgh and over-eager teenagers smoking and drinking way too proudly. I endured the heavy cigarette smoke to barely view the 2 giant screens projecting crazy patterns and the band performing. Unless you were in the very front you couldn’t see the band and I felt the enormous distance made the experience suffer. Matt & Kim is a band that you need to listen to live up close & personal so that you are practically banging away on their instruments. They play like it’s your party and fun is the only option. The music isn’t worth putting on a pedestal or maybe in a TV commercial, but it sure is silly and entertaining. I mean….have you checked out their new video for “Lessons Learned”?