Dinosaur Jr. @ Central Park Summerstage

I hate paying more than 20 dollars to see a show in NY, let alone an outside concert. But it’s all the original members of Dinosaur Jr. playing together in over 10 years!! One of the most influential bands of the 90’s which propelled music into a new direction and shaped what we’d be listening to in the present day. (And finally got us out of that darn grunge era). I popped in some of their old albums and I was surprised on how well it’s held up.

So I wasn’t too annoyed about the ticket price because Broken Social Scene was opening up and they gave me the best live show of 2004 and I was excited to see them again. So this is where I would comment on their show but I FUCKING MISSED THEM. I couldn’t believe how early they played and I heard they only played for 35 minutes. That’s absurd. I showed up thinking that I timed it just right to catch BSS but instead was arriving at the beginning of Dino. Jr.’s set. Lesson learned. Show up early to Summerstage,

Well, Dinosaur Jr. was amazing. J. Mascis is a guitar god and kinda looked like one with his long white hair. They actually rocked like they were playing 10 years ago. It was funny to see a trio so spread out on the huge stage but I’m guessing from their history with each other it was for the best. I don’t care, as long as Lou Barlow and Mascis were playing together again. They played from all their albums and for nearly 2 hours so it wound up making up for my tardiness.