The Grates @ Piano’s

The Grates played their final show of their 3 night residency at Piano’s to a very Australian crowd. After talking to a few of the Brisbane locals, I found out that the band usually sells out very large venues back home and they were shocked to see the band play such a small venue. It was even one fan’s first time at their show as she’s never been able to get a ticket down under. After a few songs into their set you know why this band could wield the attention of any sized crowd. Patience is a fireball onstage and is an ideal front woman for the catchy and fun songs they play. She has an incredible voice and the songs from the trio are tight despite the slight monotony within them. Regardless, the band is meant to be seen live and they do a great job making you feel like you’re part of the show and invite you to tap into the energy of the band. And hell, maybe she’ll even hug you after the show. : )